REVIEW – Battlefield: Hardline [All Platforms]

To describe the thing that annoys me about Battlefield Hardline’s campaign mode, I need to walk you through two scenarios. Nick Mendoza walks into a room – three criminal are inside. They haven’t seen him yet. He ferociously opens fire on the criminals with an Uzi. Now… the other scenario. Nick Mendoza walks into a room – three criminals are inside. They haven’t seen him yet. He flashes his badge and they all freeze and drop their guns. He calmly arrests the three men and continues on.

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REVIEW – Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters [PS3, PS Vita]

Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters is one part board game, one part visual novel and one part Japanese X-Files. In a lot of ways its a winning combination – it’s just a shame that the games bizarre battle system doesn’t better serve it’s interesting and compelling narrative.

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REVIEW – Red: The Woolfe Diaries [PC]

Red: The Woolfe Diaries is a pretty impressive game given the size of it’s development team. Grin Studios have crafted an intriguing little game, that serves as a teaser for something much grander. Visually the game is splendid and it’s hark back to the 3D platformers of old is both a blessing… and a terrible curse.

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REVIEW – The Order | 1886 [PS4]

The Order 1886 is a game that seems to have divided the masses. Many critics have slammed the game unrelentingly, while gamers themselves are reporting that they thoroughly enjoyed the game. I personally can see both of these perspectives. On the one hand the game is quite short, has limited replayability and is  for the most part… on rails. On the other hand, it’s an incredibly engaging, beautiful, creative and unique interactive story which has the potential to become much, much more.

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REVIEW – Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed [PS4]

Let’s get this out of the way right now… In Akiba’s Trip, you play a “kinda” vampire, killing hordes of monsters (aka hipsters) by tearing their clothes off. Yep, that is the entire premise right there. Strip people off to vanquish them and beware as they are out to remove your garments in kind. It’s bizarre, inherently Japanese and most important of all – very memorable.

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REVIEW – Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires [PS4 Reviewed]

Here we are again folks. Another year – another Dynasty Warriors title… well, more of an expansion.  It’s one of the few series that still regularly gets expansion packs… if you can call them that. You see, last years Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends, was a straight up brawl fest, where as Empires clearly puts the focus on Strategy. There were a handful of strategic modes on offer in the initial release, but for the most part it’s kill all around you – ad infinatum, as per the Dynasty Warriors standard.

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REVIEW – Dying Light [PS4 Reviewed]

Dying Light is definitely an evolution of Techland’s previous title Dead Island. There’s no question there. However, while the game is an enjoyable open world adventure, it is plagued with many of the issues prevalent in modern day non-linear games. Does this hamper the overall experience? Not really. If you’ve enjoyed games like Far Cry or the previous Dead Island there’s a lot to love about this Zombie filled parkour-em-up, but theres no denying that the game has its fair share of flaws.

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