REVIEW – Kings Quest – A Knight to Remember Chapter 1 [Xbox One Reviewed]

Kings Quest is a fond memory for those of us growing up in the early point and click era of gaming. From the mind of games guru, Roberta Williams, the Kings Quest series was known for it’s challenging puzzles, wide, arching tales and potent sense of humour. Considering this legacy I came to the new Kings Quest title with more than a little trepidation.

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REVIEW – Onechanbara ZII Chaos [PS4]

Onechanbara ZII Chaos is the most recent entry in the long running series of Japanese hack ‘n slashers that rarely finds it’s way west. There’s an argument here – one where I could lambaste the games developers for the overly sexualised costumes coupled with exorbitant violence, however to do so, would be to miss the point. Like the greatest of exploitation media the game is self aware to the point of being outright comical.

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Like any re-animated corpse worth it’s weight in gore, Zombi is back from the dead. The game, previously released on the Wii U in 2012 as ZombiU is now available on PC, PS4 & Xbox One so that non Wii U owners (ie. half the population of the planet) can now experience it. It’s interesting because although Zombi is an enjoyable survival horror that does a lot right, I can’t help but feel that this game felt more alive in it’s original home.

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It truly does seem that 2015 is the year of remasters. Between Gears of War Ultimate Edition, the Uncharted Collection and every other remaster and re-release in between, we’re getting to relive our favourite experiences again and again. Which is fine – sometimes. It’s when a re-release comes out and does absolutely nothing to entice players to buy it (other than look shinier) is when I have an issue with the whole remaster/re-release set up.

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REVIEW – N++ [PS4]

Many moons ago I lived in what could be described as “Sleazy, student accommodation”. Most interestingly about this little fact is that at the time, neither myself or any of my mates were in fact students. We were just living the student lifestyle – a bit past it’s sell by date. We would all crowd around the TV and play games on the houses Xbox 360 – Gears of War, Ghost Recon and then… N+.

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Sometimes coming back to re-review something from the past can be tricky. I mean… what is there to say about Journey that hasn’t been said a thousand times before. Years on, it’s still one of the most beautiful games ever made – even more so now in this PS4 release. It’s still one of the most interesting, engaging and unique interactive experiences of all time – due to the ever changing feel of it’s online interactions.

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REVIEW – The Awakened Fate Ultimatum [PS3]

Fans of JRPG’s rejoice! There’s a new daddy in town. The Awakened Fate Ultimatum is the finest roguelike/dungeon crawler the PS3 has ever seen. The game which comes from Nippon Ichi Software and is a pseudo sequel to The Guided Fate Paradox is likely to be one of the last great JRPG’s of the seventh generation, but as the saying goes; why not save the best for last.

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